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Fri 8th Jun, 2018
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Henry Wallace
Wallace plus Willis a Winner
Fri 6th Apr, 2018
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Pascal & Ami Rogé
New Season opens with Scandal
Sat 10th Mar, 2018
Opera Alba
Music Nairn's season finale

Music Nairn's concert season came to an end with a gala concert given by Opera Alba.  As their name suggests, this is a quartet of Scottish opera singers who present programmes of opera arias, duets, ensembles and much more besides.  It is…

Mon 15th Jan, 2018
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Pavri Trio
When East Meets West
Fri 10th Nov, 2017
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Escher Quartet
A Fruitful Visit From The Big Apple
Sat 7th Oct, 2017
Brodsky Quartet
Brodskies blend experience and dynamism

The Brodsky Quartet has been a feature of the chamber music scene for more than forty years, and it was a heady blend of dynamism and experience which they brought to their Music Nairn concert on Saturday evening. They have made two complete…

Sat 16th Sep, 2017
Christina Lawrie
Remembering Gordon

Saturday evening's concert by Scottish pianist Christina Lawrie was a very special event in several respects. Co-promoted by Music Nairn and the Nairn Book and Arts Festival, it was conceived as a memorial concert for Gordon Macintyre, founder of…

Sat 6th May, 2017
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Trio Apaches
Profundity and Lollipops
Sat 19th Nov, 2016
Primrose Quartet
Primrose In Full Bloom

I have a soft spot for Beethoven's opus 16 Piano Quartet as I have frequently enjoyed playing it – not that I am revealing an unsuspected past as a string player or a pianist. No, this Quartet started out life as a Quintet for wind instruments…