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Members Survey

Many thanks to those members who completed their questionnaire and returned it on time. We sent out 228 questionnaires and received 53 replies – a 23% response. Below is a summary of members' thoughts and suggestions – any percentage quoted is the percentage of answers given to that particular question.

Would you like more or less music from:

Almost exactly 50% of the responses indicated that the present balance is about correct. As the figures show, there is a marked preference for the Baroque to the Romantic periods (particularly if you subtract negative resposes from positive ones).

Early Music 6 6 0
Baroque 14 2 12
Classical 14 1 13
Romantic 17 1 16
Late 19th Century 11 2 9
Early 20th Century 8 5 3
Contemporary 9 8 1
Or is the balance about right? 26    


Composers you would like performed more or less frequently:

The impressive number of composers listed by members rivalled Groves' Dictionary! Bach was favourite, followed by Schubert, Mozart, Brahms and Beethoven. Chopin was popular with some, but not others. Poor Haydn's popularity was almost totally overcome by negative votes! Liszt wasn't voted for by anyone, but received two negative votes. The only notable result was the popularity of Shostakovich.

Types of ensemble you would like to hear more or less from:

Although there is a lower percentage of members who thought that the balance is about right, the figures below show that the balance isn't far off meeting the tastes of most members. Poor old soloists are not popular and it is interesting to note that this also seems to apply in some degree to pianists.

Clearly there is a demand for larger forces - orchestral, choral and operatic performances. We are doing our best to satisfy this but it is expensive. The Scottish Chamber orchestra have shown interest in coming and Scottish Opera are coming with "Carmen" next October. We have had a positive response from the Dunedin singers and consort subject to finding the finance required and fitting into their itinerary. We are doing our best.

Piano soloists 16 5 11
Duets (e.g. violin & piano 12 2 10
Singers (accompanied) 11 6 5
Music for solo wind/strings/brass 7 10 -3
Trios/quartets/quintets 18 4 14
Larger forces (e.g. String Orchestra 17    


Conducted in September 2009


Published on Tuesday 3rd November, 2009

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