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Nairn Film Festival 2019

Cinema Nairn has announced that it's holding a film festival from 15 - 17 February, 2019.

The published programme includes -

Water Horse

2007 Cert. PG 112mins 4:00pm Friday 15th February

Angus (Alex Etel) finds an egg on the shore of Loch Ness. When it hatches the two become inseparable, as Alex tries to keep it a secret from his mother (Emily Watson). A heart warming family film to kick-off the Cinema Nairn Film Festival.

Nae Pasaran

2018 Cert. 15 112mins 8:00pm Friday 15th February

The opening night gala, with a free Pizza and Prosecco reception heralds this very special documentary film ‘Nae Pasaran’, the story of three Rolls Royce workers in East Kilbride who refused to make or maintain engine parts for Pinochet's Chile, and helped to bring down the dictatorship.

Greyfriars Bobby

1961 Cert. U 87mins 10:30am Saturday 16th

Scotland, 1865. An old shepherd and his little Skye Terrier, Bobby, go to Edinburgh. But when the shepherd dies ..... oh well, we all know the story, let’s get the children and the whole family in to see it told on the big screen!


(in Gaelic with English Subtitles). 2007 Cert. PG 100mins 2:00pm Saturday 16th February

When a young man, Angus, visits his dying grandfather in hospital he cannot hold back his boyhood quest for the truth - the truth behind the death of his parents and the truth behind his grandfather's ancient, incredible, fearful stories. His grandfather hijacks Angus's life for one last time, leading him to one of Scotland's most treacherous mountains, the Inaccessible Pinnacle on the Isle of Skye, and an ancient truth he never expected to find.

Dear Frankie

2004 Cert. 12 105mins 4:30pm Saturday 16th

Single parent Lizzie (Emily Mortimer) concotes an elaborate lie to protect her son Frankie (Jack McElhone) from the truth about his estranged and violently abusive father, making him out to be a loving father who works away from home as a merchant seaman. But, when ‘his’ ship is due to dock in their town, Lizzie tries to convince a stranger to act as Frankie’s father for the weekend. This film features the debut performance from Gerard Butler, proving that he can act!

T2 Trainspotting

2016 cert. 18 117mins8:00pm Saturday 16th

Renton returns to Edinburgh following the betrayal of his friends. Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie have all been waiting 20 years for him. Other old friends are waiting too: sorrow, loss, joy, vengeance, hatred, friendship, love, longing, fear, regret, diamorphine, self- destruction and mortal danger.

Ae Fond Kiss

2004 Cert. 15 104mins 1:15pm Sunday 17th February

In Glasgow, the Pakistani parents of Casim Khan have decided that he is going to marry his cousin Jasmine. Unfortunately, Casim has just fallen in love with his younger sister's music teacher Roisin. Not only is she 'goree', a white woman, she is also Irish and a Roman Catholic. They start a relationship but Casim is torn between following his heart and being a good son. Ken Loach’s take on the clash of race, religion and culture. Yet in truth it’s a powerful story of young love.

On a Clear Day

2005 Cert. 12 95mins 3.30pm Sunday 17th February

Low self-esteem? Feeling haunted by your past demons? Then swim the English Channel to exorcise your past! That's what Frank (Peter Mullan) plans to do in this film to end our festival on an uplifting note! No really, it is an uplifting film of endeavour and commitment, with a star studded cast including the wonderful Brenda Blethyn

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Published on Monday 5th November, 2018

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